Photography is how I capture memories, digital art is how I manifest them, music is how I express them. Art is my form of documentation & escape. It's impossible for me to stick with one form of art, as they all allow you to explain yourself in so many different ways.

I started photography in the 7th grade(~2012) with my iPhone and my grandmas canon point-and-shoot camera, you can imagine the quality of those images. Now I use a canon t3 and my iPhone 6s, not much of an upgrade but it's all in the images not in the camera. My style is heavily influenced by the artists that mean the most to me. Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Jeremy Scott, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Daniel Arsham, and the list keeps going across the world across cultures and back to my bedroom where I discovered them all. 

To inquire on photoshoots, designs, or even just to talk email or call me at :

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Phone // (254)630-6555