Memoire // Mon : Jan : 2 : 17 //

To The Annual Change Of Tide, To The New Year. 

"In this wild jungle the wolf will strive,

crashing thunder and flashing lights the storm subsides

 he has seen the other side,

and through the late nights he came out alive."

- Calvin Coolridge

2016: You will be missed and remembered, you are by far one of the most substantial years of my life, a true hallmark. Nothing but superb memories, wild nights, new friends, and life experiences that have exponentially raised my quality of life. I've seen so much progression in only one year, and I've got a lot more coming in 2017. This is the year life changes. 

I'm not one to usually make goals on New Years, but I do have some goals for the year and that's to finally get my career truly started and my businesses up and running, or  at least walking. I can't wait to show y'all all the art and ideas that will come to fruition this year, just wait on it.

and on a side note, Ill be graduating high school this year in May. It's lit.