C // My Interview with "Regular Humans Rebellion"

Regular Humans Rebellion Interview with Calvin Coolridge

3D Art

C // "Grave" March 29, 2019 (3D Art Post)

3d artwork depicting a grave by calvin coolridge

C // "Floresent Life" by Shavon H. Amonte : Book Cover Commission

My First Book Cover

So, I'm talking to a friend and client about making a cover for a tape his that will be dropping soon, and in the midst of the conversation he brings up a friend of his and a book they're writing. quickly he gives me the run down on how the cover should look and connects me with his from. so I talk to Shavon Amonte and get more details on what it is he's looking for in this cover. They gave me sketches, what the girl should look like, and the vibe he's giving off with the upcoming book and I get right to work. I'm happy to now have a book cover under my belt and to have made a new friend and customer.

Book cover by Calvin Coolridge for Shavon H. Amonte.

Book cover by Calvin Coolridge for Shavon H. Amonte.


C // Trippie Redd Illustration